Transportation and directions

How to get to central Oslo from Gardermoen Airport (OSL)

When booking your flights, we recommend that you choose the main airport of Oslo, Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL). You might encounter another option, Torp (TRF), but this is less accessible.

The fastest and most convenient way to travel from Gardermoen airport to central Oslo is by train.

To get to the train platforms at Gardermoen: once you have cleared customs and gone through the barriers, turn right. Walk all the way until the end of the hall, and there you are. The ticket machines will be right in front of you.

There are two types of trains you can take: NSB and flytoget.

The cheapest option is to take the NSB trains: you will find the NSB ticket machine on your left side (red ticket machines). When purchasing your ticket, select “Nationaltheatret”, or “Oslo S” (=Oslo Sentralstasjon) as the destination. Note: once you are in central Oslo, if you need to take the subway ( t-bane in Norwegian) to get to your hotel, it is much easier to change at Nationaltheatret rather than to do so at Oslo S.

All NSB trains to central Oslo depart from platform 4. To make sure you are boarding the right train, look for those that stop at “Oslo S”: those will also stop at Nationaltheatret. Nationaltheatret is the stop immediately after Oslo S.

A single NSB ticket from Gardermoen to either Nationaltheatret or Oslo S will cost you approx. 100 Norwegian kroner. The ticket will also be valid for the t-bane network once in Oslo, which means you won’t need to purchase a separate ticket to take the subway. The ticket will be valid for two hours and 30 minutes in total.

The second option is to take the Flytoget trains: the Flytoget ticket machines will be on your right-hand side (silver and orange ticket machines, under the hologram clock). Here again you can either get off at Nationaltheatret, or at Oslo S.

Flytoget is considerably more expensive than the NSB trains: 190 kroner for a single ticket. It also will only get you as far as to Central Oslo: a flytoget ticket is not valid on the Oslo t-bane. The flytoget however runs much more frequently than the NSB trains: once every ten minutes, as opposed to once every 20/30.

Both trains take around 20 minutes to get to central Oslo. They both have wi-fi on board.

This website will allow you to see what time trains depart from Gardermoen, as well as to plan your journey once in central Oslo:

How to get to the conference venue

The workshops and main colloquium take place on the Blindern campus. To get there, take the subway (t-bane) to Forskningsparken. If you are coming from the city centre, make sure you either hop on line 5 (Ringen via Majorstuen) or line 4 (Vestli via Majorstuen).  It is also possible to use the tram; the closest stop is Universitetet Blindern. If you take the tram, take either line 17 or 18 (in both cases, the direction is Rikshospitalet).  More information on public transport: