main colloquium

main colloquium

organized by Veronika Hegedűs and Péter Szigetvári

time: Wednesday–Friday, 11–13 April 2018
place: Széchenyi István tér 9, 1051 Budapest, Nagyterem
(events marked * take place elsewhere)

full programme

Tuesday 10 April: syntax and phonology workshops

*Tue 10 Apr, 0830–0900 (offsite!)
*Tue 10 Apr, 0830–1830 (offsite!)
workshop on predication in relation to propositions and properties
*Tue 10 Apr, 0830–1800 (offsite!)
workshop on long-distance segmental phenomena

*Tue 10 Apr, 1900–2100
welcome reception (Krúdy-terem)

main colloquium begins [abstracts]

Wednesday 11 April: main colloquium, day 1

Wed 11 Apr, 0800–0845
Wed 11 Apr, 0845–0900
Wed 11 Apr, 0900–1000
Gary Thoms, David Adger, Caroline Heycock and Jennifer Smith. The curious development of ‘have’-raising [abstract] [slides]
Wed 11 Apr, 1000–1100
Guillaume Enguehard. French Liaison and Vowel Elision are symmetrical OCP effects [abstract]
Wed 11 Apr, 1100–1130
Wed 11 Apr, 1130–1230
Stanislao Zompì. Ergative is not inherent: Evidence from *ABA in suppletion and syncretism [abstract] [handout]
Wed 11 Apr, 1230–1400
Wed 11 Apr, 1400–1500
Christine Marquardt. Opacity in Mojeño Trinitario Reduplication: A Harmonic Serialism Account [abstract]
Wed 11 Apr, 1505–1550
poster lightning talks
*Wed 11 Apr, 1550–1700
posters & coffee (Krúdy-terem)

  • Johanna Benz. Affix order and the availability of phonological information [abstract]
  • Tamas Biro. From Harmonic Grammar to Optimality Theory: Production and maturation in q-HG [abstract] [poster]
  • Jan Casalicchio, Francesco Maria Ciconte and Roberta D’Alessandro. On phasal domains and the difference between subject and object clitics [abstract] [poster]
  • Tingchun Chen. Multiple case assignment and case-stacking in Amis [abstract] [handout]
  • Emily Clem. Disharmony and the Final-Over-Final Condition in Amahuaca [abstract] [handout]
  • Karen De Clercq. The internal syntax of Q-words [abstract] [poster]
  • Lieven Danckaert. Rethinking the origins of Old Romance V-to-C movement [abstract] [poster]
  • Julianne Doner. The Anchoring Domain and the EPP [abstract] [handout]
  • Naomi Francis. On even in presupposition denials [abstract] [poster]
  • John Grinstead, Morgan Oates, Melissa Nieves-Rivera and Ramón Padilla-Reyes. Quantifier Relationships in the Lexicon: Scalar Competence and Performance [abstract] (cancelled)
  • James Griffiths, Güliz Güneş and Anikó Lipták. Reprise Fragments in Minimalism: an in-situ analysis [abstract]
  • Tamas Halm. Grammaticalization without Feature Economy: Evidence from the Voice Cycle in Hungarian [abstract] [poster] [handout]
  • Paloma Jeretic. Structured Questions in Turkish [abstract] [poster]
  • Carina Kauf and Hedde Zeijlstra. Explaining the Ambiguity of Embedded Past Tense Morphology [abstract]
  • Maria Kouneli. Adjectival modification in Kipsigis [abstract]
  • Kuniya Nasukawa and Phillip Backley. Vowel weakening reveals hierarchical segment structure [abstract]
  • Heather Newell. There are no Bracketing Paradoxes, or How to be a Modular Grammarian [abstract] [poster]
  • Arthur Santana. Is there reduction via laxing in northern dialects of Brazilian Portuguese? [abstract] [poster]
  • Sandhya Sundaresan. Modelling selectional variation for indexical shift [abstract]
  • Neda Todorovic. Licensing future [abstract] [poster] [handout]
  • Laurence Voeltzel. The Faroese Rhotic and OL Clusters [abstract]
  • Joanna Zaleska. Coalescence as autosegmental spreading and delinking [abstract]
Wed 11 Apr, 1600–1700
Wed 11 Apr, 1700–1800
Alejo Alcaraz. Deep and Surface clitics in Northern Castilian Spanish [abstract]
Wed 11 Apr, 1800–1900
Yuriy Kushnir. Accent Strength in Lithuanian Prosody [abstract] [handout]

Thursday 12 April: main colloquium, day 2

Thu 12 Apr, 0830–0900
Thu 12 Apr, 0900–1000
Christopher Green and Abbie Hantgan-Sonko. Word-level ATR asymmetry: Insights from Bondu-so vowel harmony [abstract]
Thu 12 Apr, 1000–1100
Imke Driemel and Jude Nformi. On pure focus movement in Syntax — Observations from Limbum [abstract] [handout]
Thu 12 Apr, 1100–1130
Thu 12 Apr, 1130–1230
Thomas McFadden. Tamil allocutive agreement and the syntax of the SpeechAct Phrase [abstract] [handout]
Thu 12 Apr, 1230–1400
Thu 12 Apr, 1400–1500
Hadas Kotek and Matthew Barros. Which QuD? [abstract] [handout]
Thu 12 Apr, 1505–1550
poster lightning talks
*Thu 12 Apr, 1550–1700
posters & coffee (Krúdy-terem)

  • Bronwyn M. Bjorkman, Elizabeth Cowper and Daniel Siddiqi. Unifying -ing without “participles” [abstract] [handout]
  • Kenyon Branan and Abdul-Razak Sulemana. Covert movement licenses parasitic gaps [abstract]
  • Pietro Cerrone and Hiromune Oda. Reinterpreting ne-cliticization as split-topicalization [abstract]
  • Karen De Clercq and Liliane Haegeman. DIE second root clauses in the Ghent dialect (2nd alternate syntax talk) [abstract] [poster]
  • Noam Faust, Nicola Lampitelli and Shanti Ulfsbjorninn. Prepositions of Italian unite! A non-allomorphic account of preposition-article sequences [abstract] [poster]
  • Guilherme D. Garcia. Regulating the interaction between lexical statistics and the grammar: a naturalness bias in learning weight [abstract] [poster]
  • Melanie Hobich. What do you want for a drink? The structure of the German was für-construction in light of historic data [abstract]
  • Lisa Hofmann. German Sentential Stress Reconsidered (1st alternate phonology talk) [abstract]
  • Kanako Ikeda, Tomohiro Fujii and Kyoko Yamakoshi. Position of Why in Children’s Clause Structure: Evidence from English and Japanese [abstract] [poster]
  • Sampson Korsah and Andrew Murphy. Clausal determiners and DP shells in Kwa [abstract]
  • Jeremy Kuhn, Lara Mantovan and Carlo Geraci. Low referentiality in LSF and LIS [abstract]
  • Ora Matushansky and Joost Zwarts. Axes to grind [abstract] [poster] [handout]
  • Ivan Ortega-Santos. What Deictic Gestures Tell Us about the Syntax-Gesture Interface: Gestural Pronouns in an Oral Language [abstract]
  • Marcel Pitteroff and Marika Lekakou. In the event of a disposition [abstract] [poster]
  • Radek Šimík. On wh-questions, wh-relatives, and their kin [abstract] [poster]
  • Kensuke Takita. Voice-Mismatches under Japanese N’-Deletion and Syntactic Identity [abstract] [poster] [handout]
  • Lyn Tieu and Zheng Shen. Interpretive restrictions on superlatives in full vs. fragment answers [abstract]
  • Jozina Vander Klok. Must the external argument be a topic? Answers from answers in Javanese [abstract] [poster]
  • Laura Vela-Plo. Comparative coordination in the nominal domain [abstract] [poster]
  • Jenneke van der Wal. Bantu flexible argument licensing [abstract]
  • Philipp Weisser. Deriving Allomorphy and Suppletion as PF-Idioms (1st alternate syntax talk) [abstract] (changed to talk)
  • Sławomir Zdziebko. Polish /e/-Backing and the nature of lexical diacritics (2nd alternate phonology talk) [abstract]
Thu 12 Apr, 1600–1700
Thu 12 Apr, 1700–1800
Florian Schäfer. Revisiting Visser’s Generalization [abstract] (cancelled)
Philipp Weisser. Deriving Allomorphy and Suppletion as PF-Idioms [abstract] [slides]
Thu 12 Apr, 1800–1900
Fenna Bergsma. Mismatches in free relatives [abstract] [handout]

Friday 13 April: main colloquium, day 3

Fri 13 Apr, 0900–1000
Doreen Georgi. On the nature of ATB-movement: insights from reflexes of movement [abstract] [slides]
Fri 13 Apr, 1000–1100
Daniel Christoph Gleim. Tone does not trigger epenthesis: evidence from Arapaho [abstract]
Fri 13 Apr, 1100–1130
Fri 13 Apr, 1130–1230
Laura Kalin. The Ins and Outs of Allomorphy in Turoyo (Neo-Aramaic) [abstract] [handout]
Fri 13 Apr, 1230–1400
Fri 13 Apr, 1400–1500
Yosuke Sato and Masako Maeda. On Syntactic Head Movement in Japanese and Its Interpretive Consequences: A New Perspective from Verb-Echo Answers and Negative Scope Reversal [abstract] [handout]
Fri 13 Apr, 1500–1600
Thuy Bui. Aspectual Asymmetry: Temporal reference in Vietnamese [abstract] [slides]
Fri 13 Apr, 1600–1630
Fri 13 Apr, 1630–1730
Jon Ander Mendia. Degree Relatives and their kin [abstract] [handout]
Fri 13 Apr, 1730–1830
Stefan Keine and Ethan Poole. Reconstruction beyond English [abstract] [handout]
Fri 13 Apr, 1830–1900
business meeting

main colloquium ends

*Fri 13 Apr, 1930–2230
conference dinner, Vén Hajó

Saturday 14 April: semantics, sign language, and PTA workshops

*Sat 14 Apr, 0900–1745 (offsite!)
workshop on the grammar and pragmatics of interrogatives and their (special) uses
*Sat 14 Apr, 0900–1800 (offsite!)
workshop on sign language syntax and linguistic theory
*Sat 14 Apr, 1000–1600 (offsite!)
workshop on the importance of formalization in phonology