After a few days of exploring the most realistic and best options for a virtual GLOW conference, we have come up with a clearer set-up. All of the following applies to all talks and posters, including the main colloquium as well as the workshops.

GLOW 43 is proud to be of interest for a wide and global community. This also means that we all live in vastly different time zones. Taking into account the current global pandemic, we have decided to keep GLOW 43 running for a timespan of 13 days. This, we hope, will give everyone maximum flexibility. Therefore, we are not planning a general live poster session after all.  We also won’t livestream any talks.

However, interaction is often most productive when live, which we want to enable through live Q&A sessions as well as the possibility to present and attend talks during those sessions. These can be delivered in a text-only format via the comment sections of the individual projects on OSF or via audio- or video-based platforms (e.g. Jitsi, Zoom, Skype, Youtube, Twitter) as indicated by each presenter. We will provide an overview of presenter availability in the programme on our website by April 7, 23:55 UTC+2. This will help presenters and attendees find each other live.

For more information about presenting at and attending virtual GLOW 43, please visit the respective pages. Attendance is free of charge.

We are very much enthusiastic about running the very first virtual GLOW and are looking forward to discovering your projects!