Second GLOWing lecture on December 15!

Our second GLOWing lecture will be by Charles Reiss on December 15, 15:00 CET. He will be discussing with Hedde Zeijlstra on what’s exciting about Phonology.

The Zoom-link for the lecture will be distributed to all GLOW members via e-mail a day before the lecture. If you’re not a GLOW member but you still want to attend via Zoom, you can sign up HERE. To make sure you receive the Zoom link, please sign up at least two days before the lecture. The lecture will also be live-streamed on YouTube so there’s really no good reason not to attend!

Questionnaire for restructuring GLOW

As part of our current efforts in restructuring GLOW as an organization, we have prepared a questionnaire. Your responses will help us understand how the community sees GLOW as an organization as well as a conference and also help us shape GLOW so that it corresponds better with the needs of the community of (generative) linguists across the world. We plan to share selected results during the planned town hall meeting on November 24 and December 1.

The questionnaire should take about 15 minutes to fill out, although the time can vary depending on how much you wish to elaborate on your answers.

Your input will be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to share the link with any relevant respondents (the questionnaire is not limited to GLOW members). We hope for as broad and diverse a sample as possible.

GLOW town hall meeting

November 24 & December 1, starting at 8:30 (NY), 14:30 (Vienna), 18:00 (New Delhi), 20:30 (Singapore). Please register HERE to attend!

As you know, earlier this year, the GLOW community voted to wait a year for our next colloquium, and not hold one in 2024, to provide some breathing room in which to reconsider our structure and goals. To help with this process, the GLOW board will hold a two-day online meeting this autumn (Nov 24 & Dec 1). We view this meeting both as the beginning of a “listening tour” for the GLOW board and as an opportunity for our members (and generative linguists in general) to exchange views and ideas about the future of GLOW as an organization and the GLOW colloquium.

A group of discussants will share their views on the role of GLOW in linguistics and the GLOW Colloquium in an informal conversation moderated by the GLOW board. All GLOW members are invited to participate in this conversation and provide feedback and ideas.

Discussants: David Adger, Artemis Alexiadou, Daniel Altshuler, John Bailyn, Roberta d’Alessandro, Marcel den Dikken, Katharina Hartmann, Angelica Hill, Gillian Ramchand, Jenneke van der Wal, Marc van Oostendorp, Hedde Zeijlstra.

We understand that attending online meetings in two consecutive weeks is a serious investment of your time. Please feel free to attend as much of the meetings as you can. If you cannot attend, we encourage you to e-mail us any feedback you may have before the meeting so that we can share it in the discussion.

The topics will include (but are not limited to):

GLOW as an organization

  • What kind of an organization does generative linguistics need in Europe or the world?
  • What kinds of activities should GLOW promote (journals, summer schools, travel support, other ideas)?
  • Should GLOW be more inclusive towards particular subfields of linguistics?  If so, how can we best bring that about?
  • How can young researchers be better supported by GLOW?

The GLOW Colloquium

  • Length of talks and discussion periods
  • Poster sessions
  • Publication of proceedings

We would love to hear your opinion on any of these topics. If you have not registered yet, please do so here:

We look forward to hearing your feedback.

First GLOWing lecture on October 24!

Rewatch the lecture on YouTube!

Our first GLOWing lecture will be by Laura Kalin on October 24, 14:00 CET. She will be discussing with Michelle Sheehan on what’s exciting about Morphology.

The Zoom-link for the lecture will be distributed to all GLOW members via e-mail a day before the lecture. If you’re not a GLOW member but you still want to attend via Zoom, you can sign up HERE. To make sure you receive the Zoom link, please sign up at least two days before the lecture. The lecture will also be live-streamed on YouTube so there’s really no good reason not to attend!

Coming soon: GLOWing lectures

As part of GLOW’s efforts of community-building, outreach, and strengthening of the generative community, GLOW will start a quarterly online lecture series GLOWing lectures: Discoveries in generative linguistics.

The goal of GLOWing lectures is to provide tools, insights, and puzzles that will bring out why generative linguistics is important, invigorating, and relevant.

GLOWing lectures are intended to be exciting, inspiring, educational, and accessible across generative subfields. There are two broad categories of GLOWing lectures:

  • What you should know about subfield X? These lectures teach professionals from other generative subfields (semantics, phonology etc.) important tools and technologies of one subfield.
  • What is exciting in subfield X? These lectures provide significant discoveries and results from one subfield.

Both types of GLOWing lectures inspire further engagement within the subfield of the lecture and/or create discussions across subfields. Furthermore, both also provide material and resources (to be made available to the GLOW membership) for further teaching and outreach. 

GLOWing lectures will have a 120 minute slot, with a lecture between 45−60 minutes, 30 minutes for discussions, and a remaining time for chatting and socializing. Partial attendance will, of course, be encouraged as well.

In 2023−2024, we will aim for talks in the subfields (not necessarily in this order) semantics, phonology, morphology, syntax, field research/linguistic variation, experimental linguistics. In future years, we may add further areas of interest for the generative community.

The first talks will be open to anyone (later, only GLOW members will receive the link to attend the talks—but remember that GLOW membership fees are very low for now!).

We invite our members to e-mail us suggestions for GLOWing lecture speakers (please include a 1 sentence explanation).

Find more information and all updates HERE!

Two ongoing votes

There are currently two ongoing votes, ending on Monday, June 5:

  • one about whether the GLOW community agrees that GLOW 47 (2025) will take place in Frankfurt
  • one on extending the current board memberships ending in 2024 by another year (2025) since there will be no GLOW conference next year. This affects the following board members: Susanne Wurmbrand (chair), Radek Šimík (secretary), Magdalena Lohninger (web, communication), Caterina Donati (member A), Éva Dékány (member B), Markus Pöchtrager (member D), Andrew Nevins (co-opted member).

If you are a GLOW member but have not received an email with the voting link, please contact our secretary, Radek Šimík.

A tribute for Henk van Riemsdijk

Henk van Riemsdijk served as an advisory member for the GLOW board for over 30 years and stepped back from this role last year. We are immensly grateful for his help and advice over the years! Thank you so much, Henk!

The current GLOW president, Susi Wurmbrand, has put together a tribute for Henk to show the world how many linguists and linguistic careers he has influenced over the last decades.

The tribute can be found HERE.