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To become a GLOW member, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. It involves a PayPal checkout. If you prefer not to pay via PayPal, please contact for other payment options. For questions concerning your membership, please contact Markus Pöchtrager.

GLOW membership fees:

Regular (until 2025)€8
Regular (from 2025)€25
Student 5-year€5
Regular 5-year€110
Regular 10-year€200

GLOW offers a reduced rate for a 5-year membership for students (BA, MA, PhD). Please note that you may avail yourself of this option only once. We also offer 5- and 10-year memberships at reduced prices as well as a lifetime membership.

For anyone having difficulty paying the dues (for whatever reasons), please get in touch with the membership administrator (Markus Pöchtrager) and we will try to find a solution.

Membership info

Membership terms

Starting 2025, the membership year will be the CALENDAR year (1.1. to 31.12). Whenever your membership will expire by the end of a year, you will get an e-mail reminder from the membership administrator to renew.

Transition from old membership system to new one

Since there is no GLOW colloquium in 2024, all memberships expiring during the calendar year 2024 will automatically be extended to Dec 31, 2024.

Ongoing memberships expiring during 2025 or a year afterwards (e.g., for multi-year memberships):

  • If a membership expires in the first half of a year, it will be active until before the GLOW colloquium of that year (i.e., the GLOW colloquium will not be included). To attend the GLOW colloquium of that year (in person or online), a new membership for that year will be necessary.
  • If a membership expires in the second half of a year, it will be extended to the end of that year.
What does a membership get you?

Being a member allows people to participate in all votes and thereby shape the future of GLOW. GLOW will, if possible, continue to support summer schools and possibly other important functions serving the generative community (such as open access publishing).

  • You are allowed to vote on all decisions.
  • You can attend the online GLOW colloquium talks for free.
  • You can attend the GLOWing lectures for free.
  • You will receive news, updates, information about resources, mentoring options, and much more to come.
  • We listen to your concerns.

If you already are a member (or not) and you wish to support GLOW a bit more, the best way to do so is via a donation. We appreciate any amount that you are willing to give to help us strengthen the GLOW community. You can donate (anonymously, if you prefer) via our Donation Form.

GLOW Membership

The GLOW voting system identifies members via their e-mail addresses. During a vote, the e-mail addresses are visible to all GLOW members, but are not shared outside the voting platform. All addresses are deleted from the voting platform after the vote concludes. I agree that this e-mail address will be used for future votes. Note that you do not have the possibility to participate in any GLOW-related vote if you disagree that your email address is used for the voting system.