GLOW Board

The current composition of the GLOW Board is given below.

Chairperson Gillian Ramchand 2017-2019
Secretary Anikó Lipták 2017-2019
Treasurer Sergio Baauw 2017-2019
Journal Editor Harry van der Hulst
Website Manager Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine 2017-2019
Member A Roberta D’Alessandro 2016-2018
Member B Mojmír Dočekal 2017-2019
Member C Sarah Zobel 2017-2019
Member D Clàudia Pons Moll 2016-2018
Advisory member I Henk van Riemsdijk
Advisory member II Martin Everaert
Coopted member (Phonology) Sabrina Bendjaballah 2017-2019​

Every year, several positions are up for renewal. Nominations are normally sent directly to the Chair, who accepts until January 1st. The GLOW board wishes to remind GLOW members to be thinking about who they would like to represent them on the board in the future, and to nominate those people in good time.