GLOW Board

The current composition of the GLOW Board is given below.

ChairpersonSusi Wurmbrand2022-2024Contact
SecretaryRadek Šimík2022-2024Contact
TreasurerSergio Baauw2019-2022Contact
WebmasterMagdalena Lohninger2022-2024Contact
Member ACaterina Donati2018-2022Contact
Member BÉva Dékány2022-2024Contact
Member C
Member DMarkus Pöchtrager2018-2022Contact
Coopted memberAndrew Nevins2019-2022Contact
Advisory memberDavid Pesetsky2022-Contact

Every year, several positions are up for renewal. Nominations are normally sent directly to the Chair, who accepts until January 1st. The GLOW board wishes to remind GLOW members to be thinking about who they would like to represent them on the board in the future, and to nominate those people in good time.

Former GLOW board members (after 2005)


Gillian Ramchand2017-2022
Sjef Barbiers2009-2017
Artemis Alexiadou2005-2009


Anikó Lipták2017-2022
Jeroen van Craenenbroeck2009-2017
Uli Sauerland2005-2009


Maaike Schoorlemmer2007-2015
Hans Broekhuis2005-2007


Mitcho Erlewine2017-2022
Alexis Dimitriadis2013-2017
Pavel Iosad2011-2013
Gunnar Hrafn Hrafnbjargarson2008-2011
Craig Thiersch2004-2011

Member A

Roberta d’Alessandro2012-2018
Anna Cardinaletti2004-2012

Member B

Radek Šimik2019-2021
Mojmír Dočekal2013-2019
Lida Veselovska2007-2013
Bozena Rozwadowska2005-2007

Member C

Ora Matushansky2019-2023
Sarah Zobel2013-2019
Viola Schmitt2005-2013

Member D

Clàudia Pons Moll2014-2018
Maria Rosa Lloret2008-2014
Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero2004-2008

Coopted member

Sabrina Bendjaballah2017-2019
Tobias Sheer2009-2017
Marc van Oostendorp2005-2009

Advisory member

Henk van Riemsdijk1990-2022
Martin Everaertuntil 2022