GLOW colloquium guidelines for local organizers

Number of acceptances

The main GLOW colloquium (i.e., not including any satellite workshops) should include at least 78 accepted abstracts, distributed over talks and posters as specified below. This will constitute an increase of about 30 acceptances, and the board has concluded that this is preferable over introducing parallel sessions. However, we will re-evaluate whether this increase is sufficient after the next two colloquia.

Number of talks and posters, length of talks

  • The main colloquium should include at least 6 talks per day, 18 talks in total.
  • Talks should include a Zoom option. 
  • The length of the talks can be variable: 45 minutes (plus 15 minutes discussions) or 25 minutes (plus 10 minutes discussions). The choice is made by the abstract selection committee based on the content of the abstracts, reviewer feedback, additional information provided by the authors, and slot availabilities.
  • There should be one poster session per day, with a maximum of 30 posters.

Ideally, there should be six long talks at GLOW to maintain this special feature of GLOW and the opportunity to present more complex material. Since these slots should only be used when the material warrants it, it may be the case that in some years fewer long talks can be accepted. But there should be a minimum of three long talks at each GLOW conference.

Poster sessions may be combined with lightning talks (e.g., 5 minute presentations, without discussions), feeding directly into the poster sessions. This has proven very productive in the past and the board would recommend it, but we also understand that it may not be possible time-wise, depending on the number of posters and talks chosen.

A possible composition of the colloquium is thus:

  • 2 long talks/day (total: 6)
  • 4 short talks/day (total: 12)
  • 20 lightning talks & posters/day (total: 60)

But many other options are possible, and the board will leave this to the local organizers, as long as the frame conditions are met.

Abstract submission

  • Abstract categories: long talk, short talk, poster
  • Authors need to specify for which category they submit their abstract (multiple selections are possible).
  • If authors select submission in more than one category, motivation for the choices needs to be provided (e.g., reason for the need of extra time; parts that can be omitted if accepted as a short talk).

GLOW Proceedings

There will be GLOW proceedings again, but there has not been made a definitive decision yet on the exact format, reviewing process and starting point. Details are about to follow.