• David Adger: Why is syntax local where it is and not where it isn’t?
  • Laura Kalin: Morphology: from agglutinating to compli-freakin’-cated


The GLOWing lecture series is a part of GLOW’s efforts of community-building, outreach, and strengthening of the generative community. The goal of GLOWing lectures is to provide tools, insights, and puzzles that will bring out why generative linguistics is important, invigorating, and relevant.

GLOWing lectures are intended to be exciting, inspiring, educational, and accessible across generative subfields. There are two broad categories of GLOWing lectures:

  • What should should know about subfield X? These lectures teach professionals from other generative subfields important tools and technologies of one subfield.
  • What is exciting in subfield X? These lectures provide significant discoveries and results from one subfield.

Both types of GLOWing lectures inspire further engagement within the subfield of the lecture and/or create discussions across subfields. Furthermore, both also provide material and resources (to be made available to the GLOW membership) for further teaching and outreach. 

In 2023−2024, we will host talks in the subfields (not necessarily in this order) semantics, phonology, morphology, syntax, field research/linguistic variation, experimental linguistics. In future years, we may add further areas of interest for the generative community.

The first talks will be open to anyone (later, only GLOW members will receive the link to attend the talks—but remember that GLOW membership fees are very low for now!).


The GLOWing lectures will be held via Zoom and live-streamed via YouTube to give as many people as possible the opportunity to attend. The zoom link will be sent via e-mail to all GLOW members. During this first year pilot period, everyone is welcome to join, GLOW member or not. If you are not a GLOW member but still would like to attend via Zoom, please sign up HERE so we can send you the Zoom link.

GLOWing lectures have a 120 minute slot, with a lecture between 45−60 minutes, 30 minutes for discussions, and a remaining time for chatting and socializing. Partial attendance will, of course, be encouraged as well.

For each speaker there will be a moderator from another subfield leading the discussion. This shall encourage the interdisciplinary character of the GLOWing lectures.