First newsletter: Editorial

To give a more detailed insight into the ideals (and controversies) behind the founding of GLOW, we reproduce in these pages some of the discussions from the first issue of the GLOW Newsletter (September, 1978).


Le voilĂ : the first issue of the GLOW Newsletter. While GLOW is firmly under way now, a channel for disseminating information and a forum for discussion was still lacking. One of GLOW’s main purposes is to ensure the communication among transformationalists in Europe and other Old Worlds; we hope that the Newsletter will help attain this goal.

To those of you who don’t know about GLOW yet we will briefly introduce ourselves: GLOW stands for Generative Linguistics in the Old World(s). We aim at creating a platform for the intellectual and social wellbeing of transformationalists in and around Europe, as well as all other transformationalists eager to participae. More information about GLOW you will find below in the sections entitled “What GLOW stands for” and “GLOW guidelines.”

The history of this Newsletter may be known to many of you. Efforts to get it going before the last colloquium failed due to insufficient support and facilities in Paris. Therefore we will try to get and keep it going in Amsterdam. Your support will be absolutely essential if we are to succeed. First, we are avidly awaiting suggestions, contributions, information, gossip, etc. Second, we are able to finance this issue and maybe one or two more, but sooner or later we will have to start asking you for a financial contribution, too. Until then we distribute the Newsletter to everyone who is on our GLOW membership list and to a small number of institutions. Anyone else who wishes to receive the Newsletter can simply write to us.

Coming attractions in the pages of the next Newsletter will include the Pisa colloquium program, [and] a list of addresss. The next issue will probably appear around February 1979 and we will continue to appear at least twice a year and, hopefully, multiply and be productive.