Annual conference

The annual GLOW colloquium takes place in a different European city every year. A sister conference, GLOW in Asia, has been taking place in Asia at semi-regular intervals.

The  current or most recent conferences are listed below. Past conferences are listed on a separate page.

The 39th GLOW Colloquium 2016 will take place in Göttingen, Germany on April 5-8, 2016. More information is available from the local website.

The 40th GLOW colloquium 2017 will take place in the Netherlands.

The 41st GLOW colloquium 2018 will take place in Budapest, Hungary. 

Information on the annual GLOW in Asia conference will be added soon.

Past conferences

Information, programs and (some) abstracts from previous GLOW conferences are available here. Some information is also available in past issues of the GLOW Newsletter.

Links to past GLOW in Asia conferences are given on a separate page.