Teun Hoekstra memorial fund

Teun Hoekstra entered the Dept. of Dutch Language and Literature of Leiden University as an Assistant Professor in 1979. In 1984, he joined the Dept. of General Linguistics, where he became an Associate Professor in 1986. He wrote his dissertation, Transitivity: Grammatical Relations in Government-Binding Theory, in 1984. In those years, Teun developed into one of the leading syntacticians in the Netherlands, and soon established his reputation in the world. He always put his own ideas, and those of others, to a relentless but constructive criticism, and thus helped the field to develop. He inspired students and colleagues, and he remained doing so after he became ill. Teun was one of the leading figures in the Holland Institute for Generative Linguistics (HIL). On October 18, 1998, Teun died in Los Angeles after fighting his illness bravely.

Jan Kooij (for the Department of General Linguistics)
Harry van der Hulst (for the Institute HIL)

The Membership of GLOW voted in 1999 to accept the proposal of the Board to establish a fund in memory of Teun. The proceeds of this fund will go towards student grants for future GLOW summer schools.

To make contributions, use either the form included with the GLOW Newsletter, or print out the Donations to the Teun Hoekstra Memorioal Foundation form.