Membership updates

Since our membership has been growing, managing the subscription information has become increasingly complex. We have therefore decided that, moving forward, one GLOW board member will act as the membership administrator. For now, this is Markus Pöchtrager, who you can turn to with questions regarding your membership and who will send reminders about membership renewals.

Membership terms:

Starting 2025, the membership year will be the CALENDAR year (1.1. to 31.12). Whenever your membership will expire by the end of a year, you will get an e-mail reminder from the  membership administrator to renew.


1. Since there is no GLOW colloquium in 2024, all memberships expiring during the calendar year 2024 will automatically be extended to Dec 31, 2024.

2. Ongoing memberships expiring during 2025 or a year afterwards (e.g., for multi-year memberships):

  • If a membership expires in the first half of a year, it will be active until before the GLOW colloquium of that year (i.e., the GLOW colloquium will not be included). To attend the GLOW colloquium of that year (in person or online), a new membership for that year will be necessary.
  • If a membership expires in the second half of a year, it will be extended to the end of that year.

Membership fees:

Starting in 2025, the regular GLOW membership fees will go back to what they have been in the past, but we will offer additional options and we have significantly lowered the student membership fees.

  • Regular member, 1 year:        € 25
  • Regular member, 5 years:      €110
  • Regular member, 10 years:    €200
  • Regular member, lifetime:      €300
  • Student member, 5 years:     € 5
  • Need based reductions:          upon request


  • BA, MA, PhD students
  • The board decided to make student memberships basically free. The €5 (for 5 years!) are there to prevent misuse of the membership and the GLOW system.

For anyone having difficulty paying the dues (for whatever reasons), please get in touch with the membership administrator and we will try to find a solution. 

As before, memberships have to be paid via the Paypal HERE.


A suggestion at the town-hall meetings was to increase the membership for regular members (people said they could pay more), and to make student membership free. We followed the second part, but decided not to raise the regular membership fees, as there are vast differences across countries, positions, and other factors that may affect people’s ability to pay more.

But: We would really love to get (named or anonymous) donations from members who can afford it. It will be put to excellent use! If you would like to support us, you can donate directly HERE on our website! 


Starting with GLOW 47 in Frankurt, GLOW will award two prizes of €200 each for the best student presentations.

What does a membership get you?

  • You are allowed to vote on all decisions.
  • You can attend the GLOW conference: online for free; for in-person attendance, you need to only pay the local conference fee (for catering etc.).
  • You can attend the GLOWing lectures for free.
  • You will receive news, updates, information about resources, mentoring options, and much more to come.
  • We listen to your concerns.

Please spread the word, and share in particular with your students!

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