No GLOW colloquium in 2024 & reduced membership fee

The result of the latest vote showed that the majority of the GLOW members approved the proposal to hold a gap year and use the time to reorganize GLOW.

As GLOW will not be held in 2024, a general meeting will be organized by the GLOW board to discuss the restructuring of GLOW. Details will follow later. Since we would like the GLOW membership to be as large as possible during this gap year (to make sure that anyone in the generative community interested in contributing to the further development of GLOW will be heard and have the opportunity to contribute), we are offering a regular yearly membership for €8 and a reduced yearly membership (students, unemployed) for €5. 

04/2023 – 03/2024, covering GLOW Vienna (2023):  €8 / €5

04/2024 – 03/2025, restructuring of GLOW:    €8 / €5

04/2025 – 03/2026, covering GLOW 47 (2025): €25 / €11.50

Members who already paid the full one-year membership for 2023-2024 (e.g., to participate in GLOW in Vienna) will have their membership automatically extended until 03/2026 (i.e., including the 2025 meeting and up to but not including the meeting in 2026). All existing 4-, 5-, and 10-year memberships will be extended by one year.

Being a member allows people to participate in all votes and thereby shape the future of GLOW. GLOW will, if financially possible, continue to support summer schools and possibly other important functions serving the generative community (such as open access publishing).

Online participation at the main colloquium in Vienna will be free for GLOW members. The Zoom link will be sent to the membership on April 11Please sign up as a GLOW member by April 8 to receive the link. You can sign up via the GLOW46 online form HERE or via the general GLOW form HERE.

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