Two ongoing votes

There are currently two ongoing votes, ending on Monday, June 5:

  • one about whether the GLOW community agrees that GLOW 47 (2025) will take place in Frankfurt
  • one on extending the current board memberships ending in 2024 by another year (2025) since there will be no GLOW conference next year. This affects the following board members: Susanne Wurmbrand (chair), Radek Šimík (secretary), Magdalena Lohninger (web, communication), Caterina Donati (member A), Éva Dékány (member B), Markus Pöchtrager (member D), Andrew Nevins (co-opted member).

If you are a GLOW member but have not received an email with the voting link, please contact our secretary, Radek Šimík.

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