Vote: skipping GLOW 47 colloquium (2024)?

The GLOW board is considering to skip the annual GLOW colloquium in 2024.

This is partly motivated by the turning down of Israel as a venue for 2024, but mainly as a way of providing the GLOW board and the broader GLOW community with enough time to restructure GLOW as an organization that serves its community as best as it can.

An email announcing the vote has been sent to all current GLOW members.

Over the next year we will be in touch with the community and solicit feedback, ideas and constructive solutions to the issues that have been mentioned. Currently, we are envisaging to do this in the form of a multi-day meeting (online or hybrid), or a series of meetings, where anyone will be welcome (member or not) and where we want to give everyone an opportunity to be heard and to express their wishes and concerns.

We realize that skipping a year also has disadvantages (e.g, taking away the opportunity to present one’s current research at a prominent venue such as GLOW), which is why we want to see how the majority of the GLOW members feels about the proposal.

An email announcing the vote including the voting options has been sent to all current GLOW members.

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