The official journal of GLOW is Glossa: A journal of general linguistics. Selected papers from GLOW Colloquia are published in Glossa Special Collections.

Prior to 2019, selected papers from GLOW were published in The Linguistic Review (Mouton de Gruyter).

Membership discount on books

Members of GLOW may order selected books published by Mouton de Gruyter in their series Linguistic Models and Studies in Generative Grammar at a membership discount. Please find a list of discounted books on the de Gruyter homepage (PDF document).

Please note that the order form for any of these titles (which is also the order form for The Linguistic Review) must be sent to Rhenus Medien Logistik GmbH & Co. KG (contact details).

Please also note that back issues are only available from de Gruyter publishers for the current and the previous year of each journal volume. Back volumes of 2 years or older can be ordered through

Swets Backsets Service
P.O. Box 810
NL-2160 SZ Lisse
The Netherlands

Telephone: (+31) (0) 252 435 111
Fax: (+31) (0) 252 415 888