GLOW 45: April 2022

The 45th GLOW Colloquium will take place at Queen Mary University of London on 27th-29th April, 2022 in a hybrid fashion.

In addition to the main session, there will be two thematic workshops (26th April): 

Workshop I:
Typological generalizations and semantic theory

Workshop II:
Sources of variation in phonological theory

See the GLOW 45 website for more information.

GLOW 44: April 2021

The 44th GLOW Colloquium will be held fully online, synchronously over three days, April 15–17, 2021, and organized by the GLOW Board.

To offer something unique for the global linguistics community, GLOW 44 will feature a an entirely new flavour of main session talk, to provoke high level discussion and theorizing: targeted collaborative debates. Targeted collaborative debates are joint talks that present contrasting analytical proposals to a particular concrete empirical problem, in any area of linguistics. Traditional research contributions are also sought, to be presented and discussed in synchronous and asynchronous online media, including in a synchronous flash talk session. Please read more about the format of GLOW 44 and its motivation.

Abstracts for both types of contributions are due December 15. See the Call for Papers.

Future GLOW Meetings are projected to be physical:

  • Spring 2022 Queen Mary, University of London
  • Spring 2023 University of Vienna

Virtual GLOW 43: April 8 – 20, 2020

GLOW 43 is online, free, and happening now!

The team at Humboldt University Berlin have arranged for all GLOW 43 presentations (main session, posters, and three thematic workshops) to be online and available for discussion from now through April 20th. Presenters are available for online discussions at designated times, and discussions can also take place on the OSF platform.

Read more about how to access the presentations and participate in the discussions.

GLOW 43 in Berlin, April 2020

The 43rd GLOW conference (GLOW 43) will take place at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin from March 31st to April 3rd, 2020

GLOW 43 has moved online!

In addition to the main session (April 1-3), there will be three thematic workshops on March 31st:

For details, please visit the conference page:

GLOW 42 in Oslo, May 2019

The 42nd GLOW conference (GLOW 42) will take place at the University of Oslo from May 7-11, 2019. The conference will consist of a main colloquium (May 8-10, Wed to Fri) and three thematic workshops (on Tue, 7 May and Sat, 11 May).

For the main colloquium, scholars are invited to submit and present papers within all areas of generative linguistics. Submissions on phonological topics are especially welcome.

The following workshops are planned:

Workshop 1 on May 7th, 2019
“Anaphora at the syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface in endangered and understudied languages”
Organizers: Patrick G. Grosz (University of Oslo) and Amy Rose Deal (UC Berkeley)

Workshop 2 on May 7th, 2019
“Rules and Learning Strategies in the Acquisition of Signed and Spoken Phonologies”
Organizers: Julian K. Lysvik (University of Oslo) and Andrew Nevins (University College of London)

Workshop 3 on May 11th, 2019
“Generative Linguistics beyond Language: Shared Modules for Rhythm, Narration and Emotion across Domains”
Organizers: Pritty Patel-Grosz (University of Oslo, ILN)  and Alexander Refsum Jensenius (University of Oslo, RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion)

Please see the call for papers for the main colloquium and the workshops posted at


Spring 2016 Newsletter now available

The latest edition of the GLOW Newsletter (Spring 2016) is now available to download. It includes all the programs and practical information for this year’s GLOW Conference in Goettingen. You can download it in two separate parts:

The basic newsletter (containing the programs and practical information for Goettingen 2016)

The abstract booklet (containing the abstracts for this year’s talks and posters)

Alternatively, you can download the complete newsletter containing both parts.